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Frequently Asked Questions

I am going on holiday, what product should I use in my pool to keep it blue?

How often should I backwash?

How long do I backwash for?

My chlorine is not lasting in the pool

My Chlorine levels are too high? How do I reduce it?

How often should my filter sand be replaced?

I have a mudslide in my pool. What should I do?

My pool is losing water, what could be the cause?

Why does the water in the pump section of the motor go down when the pool cleaner is connected?

Why is my automatic pool cleaner not sucking well?

Why is my circuit breaker on my pool DB tripping?

Why is my Fiberglass pool stained?

Why is my filter lid leaking?

Why is my pool cloudy?

Why is my pool green?

Why is my pump making a humming noise?

Why is my pump noisy?

Why is the water standing still in the pump section when the motor is on?

Why is there air in the system?

Why is water leaking from my backwash pipe when the multiport valve is on the “filter” mode?